The HEX peep advantage

Tapered aiming pillar for best accuracy
Unique geometry manages light for superior functionality
No more need to choose the correct peep size and angle
Ideal for single pin and double pin sight users
Provides a clear, open sight picture
Suitable for all eyes, young and old
Tough, weather-resistant copolymer
Inline design for perfectly vertical orientation
For compound bows with string angles from 29 to 46 degrees


Only $5 plus postage

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Magical accuracy

Look through HEX peep and focus on your target

The geometry appears thinner and presents you with a precise central aiming pillar

Simply align the aiming pillar with your front pin and target

Pillar > Pin > Target


One or two eyes

HEX peep is perfect for single-eye shooters

HEX peep also makes shooting with two eyes open a snap

For hunting and 3D

Stay on target from bright daylight to low light and indoors

Read the FAQs to learn more


HEX marks the spot

There is no more need to match the peep ring to the sight ring

Easily see your bubble when aiming

Single and double-pin sight users love the simplicity



Shipping within Australia only (at this time)

From $3 ordinary mail

Express and tracking options available


HEXtreme accuracy for $5


Made Down Under

Made in Australia

Designed in North-West Tasmania

HEX peep presents a seismic shift in archery accuracy


Master outstanding accuracy immediately

“Be not afraid of greatness”

Be great.

HEX peep

The most advanced peep sight for compound bows