HEX peep Genesis

The 27.3mm geometric design of HEX peep was born of a desire to create a new peep sight that provides the most accurate targeting experience for archers out in the field.

HEX peep sight was conceived with the aim of producing the best visual functionality across a range of lighting conditions as well as being a single peep solution that caters to a wide range of bowstring angles.


Does HEX peep work in all daytime lighting conditions? What are its limitations?

HEX peep works in much the same way as the rear sight on a pistol or rifle, i.e. a firearm with a fibre-optic front sight and a non-illuminated rear sight.

Shooters familiar with this style of sighting system will know that the rear sight appears differently in different lighting conditions. HEX peep is better and more consistent than the rear sight on a pistol or rifle because of the geometry surrounding the aiming pillar.

HEX peep manages the light better, but it still has limitations.

As a general rule HEX peep will appear more crisp when aiming at a light coloured target. HEX peep will appear more transparent when aiming at a black or very dark target.

You will need to determine the best place to position yourself in order to make the best shot, just as you would when using a pistol or open-sight rifle. Every open-sight sighting system has limitations that the individual shooter must become familiar with and master.

That said, HEX peep is the most advanced peep sight available for compound bows.

See aiming tips below.

HEX peep can be used until just after the sun has set. See notes below.


I use a single pin sight. Will HEX peep work?

Yes. Just place the aiming pillar on top of the fibre optic pin every time.

I use a multi-pin sight. Will HEX peep work?

Yes, however it will not work the same way as a single pin sight. You have two choices in how you use it:

1) Position the aiming pillar on the specific pin you are using to target, or;
2) Keep the aiming pillar on the top pin and then place your desired pin on target.

I recommend option 1 for ultimate consistency and ultimate accuracy. This way the pillar, pin and target are all in perfect line-of-sight alignment.

Pillar > Pin > Target

* Please note: Multi-pin users will notice the front sight raises and lowers in relation to HEX peep as you align with the various pins (shown below)

Some multi-pin users will find the lower part of the front sight ring will move below the HEX peep window if the first sight pin is closer to the top of the sight ring than shown in the picture below.

You will need to decide if this is okay for you.

When using HEX peep, there is no need to centre the front sight ring within the HEX peep frame as the front sight ring no longer serves a purpose.


I use a slider sight with a double pin. Will HEX peep work?

Yes. Because HEX peep uses a top mounted aiming pillar, the double pins are both clearly visible. You can either:

1) Place the aiming pillar on the specific target pin, or;
2) Keep the aiming pillar on the top pin and place the bottom pin on the target. It’s up to you!

I recommend option 1 for ultimate consistency and ultimate accuracy. This way the pillar, pin and target are all in perfect line-of-sight alignment.

Pillar > Pin > Target

When using HEX peep, there is no need to centre the front sight ring within the HEX peep frame. When using HEX peep, the front sight ring no longer serves a purpose.

Front sight scope size. What is best?

A large front sight scope will create less "sight clutter".

I recommend using a front sight with a large scope ring. A scope ring of 2" is ideal, however HEX peep will also work equally well with a 1 3/4” scope diameter.

I do NOT recommend using HEX peep with small sight scopes such as those 1" in diameter.

A small diameter sight scope will create "sight clutter" whereas a large sight scope helps to create an open sight picture.

* Note: It must be remembered that when using HEX peep the scope ring no longer serves a purpose. This is because the archer no longer needs to match a peep ring to the sight ring. Ideally, the front sight scope ring would be removed altogether in order to create an even more open sight picture.

I use a range-finding digital bow sight. Will HEX peep work for me?

HEX peep will work in the same way as a multi-pin sight. Even if you have the sight set to "single pin" mode the pin will appear at various positions within the sight housing (i.e. it won't always be in the centre depending on the ranged distance)

See notes on multi-pin sights above.

Simply align the HEX peep aiming post with the digital sight dot and shoot.
The aiming pillar means there is no need to match the peep aperture with the sight scope. When using HEX peep, the front sight ring no longer serves a purpose. This means the front sight housing will raise and lower as you align HEX peep with the various distance pins.

Will HEX peep allow me to shoot in the dark? Does HEX peep glow?

No. The geometry of HEX peep makes best use of available light and this extends to early twilight only (approximately 10-15 mins after sunset if conditions are suitable).

The central aiming pillar is not self-illuminating. HEX peep geometry requires a certain amount of light as a minimum for it to work. 

HEX peep does not “glow in the dark”. As the day gets darker, so too does HEX peep.

HEX peep combined with available light and your individual eyesight will ultimately determine your shooting hours. Experiment with HEX peep to see what works for you and to discover just what hours you can / can't shoot. It will be different for everyone.

Do you have any aiming tips?

Try these steps:

1) Draw your bow. 2) Align HEX peep with your front sight pin beside your target. 3) Bring your sight onto your target. 4) Shoot.


1) Draw your bow. 2) Put the front sight pin on target first and then, 3) Bring the HEX peep aiming pillar into alignment a moment later. 4) Shoot.

Place your target centre (the exact spot you wish to shoot) behind the front sight pin as usual.


If you like to place your target centre on top of your front sight pin, leave a small gap between the HEX peep pillar and the front pin, but only just enough for your target centre. The smaller, the better. Aim small!
There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Black and dark targets:

When aiming at a black target, HEX peep will become more transparent, allowing you to see more of the target. Simply align your front sight with the centre of the orange HEX peep pillar "shadow."

One eye or two:

Train yourself to shoot with both eyes open. It increases your depth perception and overall aiming ability as your view becomes much wider. Plus you get to watch your arrow fly!

HEX peep looks big. Will it block my view?

No, it won't block your view, but it might take a few shots to get used to as the aiming pillar is above your sight pins. This is similar to inline sight pins. See the sight picture diagram below where the green pin is below the yellow pin.

For the physical dimensions of HEX peep, see further down this page.


Will HEX peep affect my arrow speed?

Before using HEX peep I used a common circular aluminium peep that weighed 8 grains. My arrow speed was 301fps.

After I installed HEX peep, my arrow speed dropped to 299fps, a difference of 2fps.

I didn’t have to change my sight tape at all, and I regularly shoot out to 120m (131 yards)

For interest sake, I shoot a PSE Inertia, just over 70#, 29” draw, 435 grain arrows.

Why is HEX peep better than a traditional circular peep?

A circular peep requires the shooter to “match the rings” or align the circular peep with the circular scope of the front sight. There are some key issues with this that HEX peep improves upon.
Issue: Some front sights don’t have circular scopes and so trying to match / align a circular peep accurately is impossible.

Solution: HEX peep employs a central tapered aiming pillar. There is no need to try to match the rings.
Issue: A circular peep needs to be paired to the draw length, string angle* and front sight diameter. Usually, it’s a case of best compromise and getting it all close enough. It works, but there can be a better way.

* String angle is determined by axle-to-axle length, cam size and draw length.

Solution: HEX peep doesn’t need to be paired to a front sight diameter as it works by way of an aiming pillar. This means HEX peep caters for string angles from 29 to 46 degrees and all draw lengths.

Issue: A circular peep will appear differently across various lighting situations. In bright sunlight, the peep will appear thick. If light is dull, the peep will appear thin. This inconsistency requires the shooter to look away from their target - even briefly - so as to align the peep accurately.

Solution: HEX peep provides a central aiming point that doesn’t require the shooter to look away from their target. The aiming pillar, front sight pin and target are all in perfect line-of-sight alignment. Additionally, HEX peep geometry ensures the aiming pillar remains as visually consistent as possible from the bright light of midday, to the low light of shade and indoors.
Issue: A circular peep mounting angle must closely match the string angle or else the peep will appear as a horizontal ellipse. For example, a bow with a string angle of 45 degrees is not well matched to a peep with a 37 degree mount. This 8 degree difference means the peep will appear as an ellipse and so will not “match” the circular front sight exactly. It again means the archer has to make do.

Solution: HEX peep geometry caters for string angles of 29 to 46 degrees because it doesn’t rely on matching apertures. The tapered central aiming pillar remains consistent across a range of string angles, whilst the elongated HEXagonal frame provides a clear sight picture.

What string angles will HEX peep work on?

The vertically elongated design and tapered aiming pillar of HEX peep caters for a variety of string angles. It will work from 29 degrees to 46 degrees.
Most hunting bows have string angles between 33 and 39 degrees.

Whilst HEX peep has a natural 38 degree design, its geometry ensures it works within these ranges.


Can I mount HEX peep with the aiming pillar at the bottom?

No. HEX peep has been designed to keep the aiming pillar in the shade at midday and to collect light in low light. This only works when the aiming pillar is at the top.

Additionally, the top mounted aiming pillar allows most archers to view their bubble level whilst aiming. A bottom mounted aiming pillar would block your view of the bubble and require you to momentarily readjust your sight picture to check your level.

Will HEX peep reflect sunlight into my eye?

The leading face of HEX peep (the side facing the archer) is serrated so any direct sunlight that hits it will be diffused and deflected away from the archer's eye.

Why is HEX peep only available in orange?

During research and development, orange was found to offer the highest degree of visual acuity in both bright light and low light shooting conditions.
Orange offers the minimal amount of bright light flaring whilst also enabling functionally consistent low light visibility. Orange was found to provide the best contrast with nature whilst still resolving well for those with above and below average eyesight.

HEX peep was conceived as an all-round performer, hence orange is the ideal colour to compliment the unique HEX peep geometry.

Will the colour orange scare deer?

No. Deer are unable to tell the difference between orange and green. A search online will lead you to a lot of studies and information regarding deer and the colour orange.

Orange is the colour that hunters must wear when hunting (usually as a jacket or hat) in order to be seen by other hunters and so avoid accidents. Your local hunting authority will have more information.

What sizes does HEX peep come in?

One size.

Because HEX peep employs an aiming pillar there is no more need to match the peep size to your front sight aperture.

Choosing a peep sight has never been this easy!

How much does HEX peep weigh?

HEX peep weighs 15.7 grains.

How big is HEX peep?

HEX peep is 27.3mm long.


Will HEX peep twist and rotate?

The string causes the twist, not the peep.

If your bow is experiencing peep rotation, have your strings inspected and serviced by a bow technician. Consider purchasing strings from a manufacturer that guarantees zero rotation.

A quick and easy way to fix peep rotation is to install a string silencer in the string between the peep and the cam. Simply split the string, insert a rubber silencer then slide it up or down until the peep rotates into the correct position.


Will the aiming pillar be perfectly vertical?

Yes. The inline geometry of HEX peep ensures the aiming pillar will always be perfectly vertical (i.e. parallel with the bow riser) so your sight picture will be consistently accurate.

“Inline” means that HEX peep mounts in the direction of the string, whereas traditional circular peeps mount across the string.

The image below shows HEX peep mounted in the bow string (left) and how HEX peep appears when the string is drawn (right)


Is HEX peep strong?

Yes. HEX peep is made of a military-tough, weather-resistant and UV-stable copolymer.

HEX peep

The most advanced peep sight for compound bows