When the bow string is drawn the 3D geometrically elongated HEX peep appears as a 2D HEXagon with a tapered central aiming pillar.


As you look through HEX peep and focus on your target, the geometry appears thinner and presents you with a precise centre aiming point.


Simply place your front pin on target, then bring the aiming pillar into alignment.

Pillar. Pin. Target.


HEX peep is ideal for archers with single and double-pin sights.

* Note: multi-pin and digital sight users should read the FAQs

Ideal for use with asymmetric (non-circular) front sight scopes.

Aim and shoot easily with one eye or two eyes open.


HEX peep is made of military-tough, weather-resistant and UV-resistant copolymer.

The HEXagonal design assists in drawing the eye to the centre aiming position and works as an additional subconscious sight-alignment indicator (the angle intersections all point to the centre aiming position)

Elongated inline design reduces “peep creep” (peep moving up or down the string) by having more surface area contact the string.

Peep aperture is slightly elongated to allow easy target acquisition and clear sight picture. Most archers with single and double-pin sights will be able to view their bubble through HEX peep when aiming.


The inline-string design caters for string angles from 29 degrees to 46 degrees. Most hunting bows have string angles between 33 and 39 degrees.

For eyes of all ages. HEX peep is the perfect sighting solution for the mature archer whose eyesight isn’t what it once was. Of course if you have have great eyesight you will also find HEX peep extraordinarily accurate and easy to use.

The leading face of HEX peep is serrated to minimise sunlight reflecting into the archer's eye.

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HEX peep

The most advanced peep sight for compound bows